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Monday, March 13, 2006

Off to Burma

This is intended to be the record of living inside one of the most closed, repressive political systems on Earth. Rather than being a record of travel, pictures and explorations, this is more of a sociological, anthropological and political portrait of a deeply controversial country. Even the name of the country is a matter of controversy: the generals changed the name to Myanmar some years ago, and their opponents often deliberately use the old British name of Burma as a subtle way of showing their contempt for the SPDC.

As the months progress, I hope to post various articles, snippets, facts and rumours about life in the country. I have always found that my preconceptions of a country are proven wrong as soon as I actually arrive, so I look forward to making my own discoveries over the course of my sojourn in Rangoon. (Or is that Yangon?)


At 7:10 PM, Blogger Derryck_Mimbari said...


If there is a way for you to contact me. I would be very grateful, and could arrange for us to chat secretly too.

Page me sometime soon. I want to keep in touch with the situation there!

Over & out!

Om Shanti.
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